Prima 2000

Single step bonding agent
  • Direct composite restorations
  • Core Build-Up
  • Adhesive cementation of posts, crowns and bridges, including inlays and onlays


  • 5th generation dentin/enamel-bonding agent
  • Combines Primer and Adhesive into a single 
component for ease of application.
  • Compatible with all common dental etching materials and forms an excellent bond with 
dentin and enamel, any self-cured, visible light- 
cured or dual-cured.
  • Composite, Compomer restorative material and 
with Composite Resin Cements.
  • The colloidal dispersed, spherical, sub-micron glass particles increase adhesion and 
enhances durability.
  • Forms the essential hybrid zone with dentin.


[accordion_item title='Scientific Papers']

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[accordion_item title='Packaging & Order Information']

  • Item # 100222
    1 Bottle 2ml of PRIMA 2000
  • Item # 100224
    1 Bottle 4ml of PRIMA 2000
  • Item # 100225
    1 Bottle 5ml of PRIMA 2000
  • Item # 100227
    1 Bottle 7ml of PRIMA 2000
  • Item # 100230
    1 Bottle 10ml of PRIMA 2000


[accordion_item title='Technical Data']

Shear Bond Strength to etched enamel > 20 MPa
Shear Bond Strength to etched dentin > 14 MPa
pH 6.5
Excellent wettability and penetration into the dentin tubules
Forms the essential Hybrid Zone
Shelf Life 2 Years

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