Ceramic primer

B.J.M. Q-Ceram is a surface conditioner for ceramic materials such as porcelain and zirconia restorations. This primer dramatically improves adhesion between ceramic surfaces and resin materials. It is used for:

  • Preparation of ceramic crowns, veneers and inlays prior to cementation.
  • Preparation of fractured ceramic crowns for repair with resin materials 


2018 Award Winner
2017 Award Winner

B.J.M. Q-Ceram is a one-bottle primer material, for surface preparation of ceramic crowns, prior to bonding with resin cements. This primer improves cementation of zirconia crowns and does not require additional conditioning such as sandblasting. Its low viscosity and excellent wetting properties promote ideal surface coverage.



[accordion_item title='Scientific Papers']

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  6. The Dental Advisor 2017 Preferred Product Award, January 2017.
  7. The Dental Advisor 2018 Preferred Product Award, January 2018.


[accordion_item title='Packaging & Order Information']

  • Item # 400055
    1 Bottle 5ml of Q-Ceram
    50 Q-Ceram Grey Applicators
    1 Dappan Dish 


[accordion_item title='Technical Data']

Various tested cements demonstrated good adhesion to ceramic surfaces treated with Q-Ceram.


Q-Ceram is preferable for Zirconia treatment.  

Shelf Life

2 Years




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