BJM Root Canal Sealer

Two-paste epoxy-amine resin root canal sealer
Obturation of root canals together with gutta-percha points

  • Extremely High radiopacity.
  • Excellent wettability and flow properties.
  • Outstanding sealing ability.
  • IABT Antibacterial technology.
  • Non-cytotoxic.
  • Long-term stability.
  • Moderate flexibility that prevents cracking of fully cured material.
  • Low shrinkage.
  • Automix Syringe - Saves application time, guarantees consistent mix. 




[accordion_item title='Scientific Papers']

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[accordion_item title='Packaging & Order Information']

    • Item # 400200
    • 1 Automix Syringe 5ml of BJM RCS
    • 10 Automix Syringe Mix Tips and Intra-Oral Tips
    • 1 Mixing Pad



[accordion_item title='Technical Data']

BJM RCS will set within 48 hours at 37oC  
Shelf Life 2 Years



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