Novel dual-cured permanent adhesive resin cement specially formulated for Zirconia cementation
Permanent cementation of Ceramic and Zirconia restorations.

  • Dual-cured, radiopaque, permanent resin cement in a convenient Automix syringe.
  • Self-etch, self-adhering resin cement does not require etching, priming or bonding of tooth surface, prior to cementation.
  • No pre-treatment of the intaglio surface of the restoration is necessary when using this self-adhering resin cement.
  • Superior retention and total margin integrity. 
  • Forms an excellent bond with Zirconium, porcelain, metal alloys and tooth structure. 
  • Does not affect the shade of translucent crowns.
  • Self-cured cement which you can light-cure for an immediate set and extra strength at the margins.
  • Radiopaque–Easily seen in radiograph.
  • 2 Shades: Dentin & Translucent. 
  • Virtually neither taste nor odor – Increased patient comfort.



[accordion_item title='Scientific Papers']

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  5. Clinical evaluation by the Dental Advisor, October 2016. 



[accordion_item title='Packaging & Order Information']

      • Item # 400050
        1 Automix Syringe 5ml of Zirconite Dentin
        1 Mixing Pad
        10 Automix Syringe Mix Tips
        10 Intra-Oral Angular Tips, Size Fine
        10 Intra-Oral Angular Tips, Size Long XX-Fine
      • Item # 400050TR
        1 Automix Syringe 5ml of Zirconite Translucent
        1 Mixing Pad
        10 Automix Syringe Mix Tips
        10 Intra-Oral Angular Tips, Size Fine
        10 Intra-Oral Angular Tips, Size Long XX-Fine




[accordion_item title='Technical Data']


Compressive strength

150 MPa

Flexural strength

100 MPa

Hardness by Barcol


Water sorption

8 μg/mm3


1 μg/mm3

Shear Bond Strength to Zirconia

> 15 MPa

Shear Bond Strength to UnEtched Dentin 

> 10 MPa

Shear Bond Strength to Lithium diSilicate > 20 MPa

Film thickness

10 μm

Radiopacity, % Aluminium



~ 7

Dimensional Change on Polymerization

3 - 4 %

Working Time (in ambient light & temperature)

1.5-3.5 min

Setting Time (in oral temperature)

2.5-4.5 min

Compatible with halogen light


Compatible with Plasma ark light lamp


Compatible with LED


Shelf Life

2 Years





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