Prima 1

Light-cured, self-etching, 1-component dentin/enamel bonding agent

Direct composite restorations

  • 7th generation, self-etch, 1-component bonding agent.
  • Combines Etch, Primer and Adhesive into a single component for ease of application.
  • Delivers high bonding values to dentin and enamel.
  • Utilizes the latest advancements in nanotechnology and dendritic polymer incorporated chemistry to form an excellent bond with dentin and enamel and visible light-cured Composite.
  • Forms the essential hybrid zone on dentin.


  • Item # 100240
    1 Bottle 4ml of Prima 1
  • Item # 100241
    1 Bottle 4 ml of Prima 1
    50 Applicators


Shear Bond Strength to un-etched dentin

> 25 MPa

Shear Bond Strength to un-etched enamel

> 30 MPa

Excellent wettability and penetration into the dentin tubules


Forms the essential Hybrid Zone




Type of Cure

Light Cured

Refrigeration Required


Number of Steps


Total Time

60 sec

Shelf Life

2 Years




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