High-Q-Bond Band

Light cure band cement
  • Cementation of orthodontic bands.
  • Occlusion adjustments to prevent deep bite 
and occlusal interference with a particular orthodontic device. 

  • Compatible with LED lights as well as traditional curing lights.
  • Uses light cure adhesive technology to provide you with additional working time to ensure accurate band placement.
  • Bonds chemically and mechanically to the band and to the tooth enamel.
  • Excellent flow for filling the gap between the band and the tooth
  • Contains the adhesive promoter 4-Meta for strong and durable chemical bonding.
  • Fluoride releasing and recharging. 

  • Easy to identify (visible blue color). Strong reliable chemical bonding with tooth, metal and porcelain surfaces.

    • tem # 400062
      High-Q-Bond Band Light Cure Band Cement Kit
    • 4 Syringes 4g each of HQB Band Cement
    • tem # 400066
    • 1 Syringes 4g of HQB Band Cement


Adhesive bonding to etched enamel

> 30 MPa

Adhesive bonding to Rexillium

> 40 MPa

Water sorption

30 μg/mm3


7 μg/mm3

Film thickness

15 μm

Dimensional Change on Polymerization

2 %

Working Time (in ambient light and temperature)

2 - 3 min

Setting Time

10 - 20 sec

Compatible with halogen light


Compatible with Plasma ark light lamp


Compatible with LED


Shelf Life

2 Years



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