Light-cured, pit and fissure sealant with fluoride release
Pediatric sealant applications

  • Designed to seal pits and fissures of caries susceptible teeth
  • Bonds to enamel by applying the acid-etch technique.
  • Easy and precise application by using the direct syringe technique.
  • Light-cured / LED light compatible.
  • Low viscosity - Flows easily into pits and 
  • Contains and releases fluoride. 

  • Item # 100120
  • 2 Syringes 1.2ml each of Q-Seal
  • 2 Syringes 1.2ml each of Q-Etch
  • 8 Delivery Tips

Compressive strength  
Compressive strength 150 MPa
Flexural strength 250 MPa
Barcol Hardness 80
Water sorption 18 μg/mm3
Solubility 2 μg/mm3
Fluoride release 3 μgF/cm2 x 3 years
Bond Strength to etched tooth enamel 34 - 40 MPa
Sensitivity to ambient light 75 sec
Depth of cure 4.5 mm
Compatible with halogen light Yes
Compatible with Plasma ark light lamp Yes
Compatible with LED Yes
Shelf Life 2 Years


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