Dual-cured permanent adhesive resin cement
  • Permanent cementation of crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays, posts and cores, ceramic crowns and Maryland bridges
  • Porcelain repair - Used as metal adhesive opaquer.

  • Multi-purpose, dual-cured, radiopaque permanent cement.
  • Forms an excellent bond with tooth structure, Metal alloys, Amalgams, Porcelains and Ceramics.
  • Self-cured cement which you can light-cure for an immediate set and extra strength at the margins.
  • Light curing of High-Q-Bond Resin Cement gives your restorations immediate stability, plus easy cleanup of excess cement before the final set.
  • Superior retention and total margin integrity.
  • Virtually neither taste nor odor – Increased patient comfort. 

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Item # 100050

 Hand Mix

1 Syringe 3ml of High-Q-Bond Base

1 Syringe 3ml of High-Q-Bond Catalyst

1 Mixing Pad

10 Mixing Spatulas

Item # 100050AM

 Auto Mix

1 Auto mix Syringe 5ml of High-Q-Bond

10 Auto mix Syringe Mix Tips

10 Intra-Oral Angular Tips, Size Fine

10 Intra-Oral Angular Tips, Size Long XX-Fine

1 Mixing Pad

Compressive strength

180 MPa

Flexural strength

170 MPa

Hardness by Barcol


Water sorption

8 μg/mm3


1 μg/mm3

Adhesive bonding to un-etched enamel

> 20 MPa

Adhesive bonding to un-etched dentin

> 15 MPa

Adhesive bonding to Rexillium

>10 MPa

Film thickness

10 μm

Radiopacity, % Aluminium


Working Time (in ambient light and temperature)

1.5 - 3.5 min

Setting Time (in oral temperature)

2.5 - 4.5 min

Compatible with halogen light


Compatible with Plasma ark light lamp


Compatible with LED


Shelf life

2 Years




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