Company Profile

B.J.M. Laboratories Ltd. (B.J.M.) was established in 1992 for the purpose of developing and manufacturing innovative state of the art dental materials.

B.J.M. produces a complete line of Dental Adhesives, Resin Cements, Composite and Core Buildup materials, Temporary Crown and Bridge materials, Implant Cements, Endodontic Sealers and a wide range of Orthodontic Materials; all of which are distributed extensively in the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.

B.J.M. also supplies its products under private label for multinational distributors and manufacturers throughout the world.

B.J.M. is committed to the quality of its products. The ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2012, and MDD 93/42/EEC certification were awarded to our quality assurance system since 1997. Such an approval enables us to market our products within the EEC bearing the CE mark.

With “Quality through Research and Development” as its motto, B.J.M. developed rapidly. Over the last few years we have witnessed an exciting revolution in the field of dental materials. 
Procedure that just yesterday seemed unrealistic have become feasible. Dental procedures are being constantly modified and adopted, all of which is oriented to make the dentist life easier and more efficient.

Our R&D group is in a constant search for new knowledge and is pioneering the way, by incorporating tomorrow’s science into today’s work. Already the most spoken about topics in the scientific community, Nano-technology and Dendritic polymer chemistry, where incorporated into our line of Adhesives, Cements and Composites.

Numerous patents have been registered and our research results are being published and shared with the scientific community.

B.J.M. is now introducing a complete line of Self-Etching dental materials, Crown & Bridge temporary materials, Endodontic sealer and Family of Orthodontic materials all of which exhibit outstanding physical and mechanical properties.
Dr. Barry Zalsman D.M.D. 

General Manager 
R&D Manager

Ms. Kira Lizenboim

Chief Operating Officer
Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Ms. Rachel Salama

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Kate Kleynerman

Import / Export Manager

Mr. Eran Geva

Production Manager

Dr. Alex Valdman, Ph.D.

Chief Chemist

Ms. Osnat Perelshtein

Artwork & Visual Communication Manager 

Ms. Moran Shalmon

HR Manager 

Ms. Shany Zohar

Lead Project Manager

Ms. Racheli Harush

QA & RA Engineer

Mr. Aner Heller

QA & RA Engineer

Ms. Chen Naveh

QA & RA Engineer