Stackable, dual-cure, fluoride-releasing, radiopaque composite core build-up
Core build-ups in vital and non-vital teeth

  • Advanced Dual-Cure Formula. 
30 second cure to a depth of 8mm! 
If light curing is not an option – allow Q-Core to self-cure in 4.5 minutes intra-orally!
  • Improved natural appearance.
  • The greater translucency of the enhanced Q-Core presents a more natural tooth appearance, which minimizes the chance of shadows under ceramic crowns - yet provides good contrast and excellent radiopacity.
  • Outstanding handling for ease of use.
  • Q-Core will stay put – even in difficult 
maxillary core build-ups, yet flows under 
pressure for excellent adaptation.
  • Preps like dentin without ditching.
  • Superior durability for peace of mind.
  • Q-Core composite core build-up material 
utilizes exclusive Hyperbranched.
  • TechnologyTM1 and nano-fillers for superior 
mechanical properties and long-term clinical success - available in automix SyringeMixTM and cartridge dispensers.
  • Depth of cure: A3 shade 8mm. White and blue shade 6mm. 


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  • Q-Core Cartridge:
  • Item # 100100
    Shade White - 25ml
  • Item # 100101
    Shade A3 - 25ml
  • Item # 100103
    Shade Blue – 25ml
  • Item # 100105
    Shade White – 50ml
  • Item # 100106
    Shade A3 – 50ml
  • Item # 100107
    Shade Blue – 50ml


  • Each Q-Core Cartridge Kit contents:
  • 1 Automix Cartridge of Q-Core
  • 25 Mix Tips
  • 25 Intra-Oral Syringe Tips


  • Q-Core Syringe:
  • Item # 100900
    Shade White
  • Item # 100901
    Shade A3
  • Item # 100902
    Shade Blue


  • Each Q-Core Syringe Kit contents:

  • 2 Automix Syringes 5 ml Each of Q-Core
  • 15 Mix Tips
  • 10 Intra-Oral Angular Tips, Size Fine
  • 10 Intra-Oral Angular Tips, Size Long XX-Fine


Compressive Strength

250 MPa

Linear Shrinkage

1.2 %

Flexural strength

200 MPa

Diametral Tensile Strength

40 MPa


2 μg/mm3

Water Sorption

14 μg/mm3

Hardness by Techlock Durometer GS-709N, Type A


Compatible with halogen light


Compatible with Plasma ark light lamp


Compatible with LED


Depth of Cure Irradiation by LED – for 30 sec.

8.0 mm

Depth of Cure Irradiation by Halogen light – for 30 sec

8.0 mm

Working Time @ 23oC

1.5 - 3.5 min

Setting Time @ 37oC

2.5 - 4.5 min

Exotherm Temperature

26 oC


400 %Al

Average Filler Concentration (by weight)

60 wt%

Shelf Life

2 Years




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