Quick Seal

Self-etching light cured, pit & fissure sealant with fluoride release
Pediatric sealant applications

  • Designed to seal pits and fissures of caries susceptible teeth.
  • Self-Etching - Bonds to enamel without acid- etch.
  • NO ETCH / NO RINSE / NO DRY simplifies and shortens the clinical procedure.
  • Easy and precise application by using the direct syringe technique.
  • Light-cured / LED light compatible.
  • Low viscosity - Flows easily into pits and fissures.
  • Contains and releases fluoride.
  • Ideal for non-cooperating children.

  • Item # 100130
  • 2 Syringes 1.2ml each of Quick Seal
  • 4 Delivery Tips

Compressive strength 150 MPa
Flexural strength 250 MPa
Barcol Hardness 80
Water sorption 18 μg/mm3
Solubility 2 μg/mm3
Fluoride release 3 μgF/cm2 x 3 years
Bond Strength to un-etched tooth enamel 20 - 25 MPa
Bond Strength to etched tooth enamel 34 - 40 MPa
pH 3.2
Sensitivity to ambient light 75 sec
Depth of cure 4.5 mm
Compatible with halogen light Yes
Compatible with Plasma ark light lamp Yes
Compatible with LED Yes
Shelf Life 2 Years


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